The most common questions

I ordered a taxi, but did not get confirmation! What should I do now?

Your confirmation may have ended up in the spam folder. If the email is not there and you have entered the correct e-mail, call our BC (order center) to be sure that you have booked your trip!

I forgot an item in the car, what should I do now?

You can always call our order center and get help with it! It is to have the receipt ready, because it makes it easier for the staff to get in touch with the driver who drove the car during your trip. Good to know, we leave lost items to the police, if you do not contact the order center in time.

I have a dog / cat that I want to take with me in the taxi. How should I order the taxi?

The easiest way is to call 013-10 55 55 to order your taxi, but do not forget to tell the order center that you have a dog / cat with you.

Can I pay for my trip with an invoice?

Absolutely, call 013-15 99 99 or 013-10 55 55 and leave your personal details to be able to send the invoice to your E-mail address or your home address!